Our Projects

rock CAN roll®: rCr partners with many of this country’s most popular musicians and concert venues collecting donations of healthy non-perishable food and basic necessities. Donations are then distributed to local emergency food agencies. Piloted at The NYCB Theatre at Westbury, a ‘Live Nation’ venue, rock CAN roll® has proven to be a win-win-win for all!  rCr volunteers have setup at concert venues from Boston to LA.

schools that rock: We must teach our children.
rCr collaborates with ALL schools (pre – K thru university; public, private, secular or religious) providing students a hands-on experience that makes a significant difference in the lives of others.  Our “schools that rock” kit (rCr in a box)  educates today’s youth about hunger, and provides simple to execute projects that have tremendous social impact. Since 2005, The Tri-M Honor Society in Jericho, NY, has “suggested” as admission to each High School and Middle School concert performance, a healthy nonperishable food donation. rCr CAN create volunteer opportunities to fulfill community service requirements nationally.

kids that rock!: rCr partners with tweens and teens as they become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, celebrate Sweet 16’s  or any  other coming of age celebrations. Our kids that rock collect  food, monetary donations and use social media platforms to help rCr get more food to more people.

rock the CORPs! –This collaboration with businesses raises awareness, collects food and generates funds for the rCr organization. The Long Island Press’s Fortune 52 Events, Rock Art Show and Charles Ruttenberg quarterly meetings are a just few that rock! This year, Manischewitz took rCr on a national project in conjunction with their Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off. Over 22,000 food items were collected in key cities throughout the nation. Manischewitz matched that donation! In just one month, over 44,000 food items went to folks in need!

rock CAN shop! The project provides volunteers and/or kids with parents to go into a market to shop for others on our behalf. rCr provides funds, totes and a ‘wish list’ from a local food pantry local to our volunteers. Their primary task is to get the biggest bang for the buck nutritionally. We require the use of coupons when available, but our priority is healthy food and basic necessities for our neighbours in need! This project not only provides students with an opportunity to fulfill required volunteer hours, but it also teaches how to negotiate a market, manage money and think about the actual costs of food and nutritional values. When families shop together for people who need help, those familiar  “supermarket wars” are over!

rock CAN roll ambassadors: (aka: vetted regional coordinators/nationally)
rCr ambassadors are our rCr street team. They are the hearts and faces of rCr and necessary as new venues and cities join our band. Responsibilities include educating the community and our rCr volunteers about food insecurity and basic needs in communities throughout the nation. Our ambassadors will be developing relationships and act as our liaisons with a network of venues, volunteers and recipient agencies. They will work directly with our rCr staff to help implement and manage our projects under the rock CAN roll umbrella.

rock CAN roll gardens: rCr provides NON-GMO seeds in the spring for planting to schools, businesses, camps or individuals who pledge to share part of their crop with an emergency food agency local to their garden.

pets rock!: rCr asks people also donate nutritious pet food. When times are tough, the love of a pet is often the only thing that CAN keep us sane. We provide pet food to emergency food agencies  so people CAN  keep their pets and keep them healthy. When pets can’t be taken care of, they are given away (when their love is needed the most) or worse, turned out in the street. rCr is about taking care of each other….

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