Kids that Rock

These kids have put in the extra effort needed to help make rockCANroll a worthwhile and charitable organization:


Summer camp is a great way to help out while having fun! Check out these kids! Everyone CAN Help Out While You Rock Out! What are you doing at camp? email and tell us How Your CAMP Rocks!

Many thanks to Hannah!  She’s 12 years old!This kid rocks! She’s followed the entrepreneurial spirit and has decided that $1.00 of each bracelet sold will be donated to rock CAN roll, helping to provide relief to people in need of food and other basic human needs. Hip To The Skippy – a new way to spread peace throughout the world. It’s all good… purchase a bracelet – Learn more

Congrats to the amazing Hannah, Ariel, Daniel and Jordan of Temple Israel of Great Neck!  They collected 886 healthy food items and raised $800 for rCr! READ MORE .  The school is also participating in the Manischewitz / rCr project!

Samantha Samantha
Landon Landon
Gabby Gabby
Abby Abby
 Zack Zack & his Mitzvah Project
Old Mill Junior Girl Scout Troop
Old Mill Junior Girl Scout Troop 2593
Marty and Connor

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