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rock CAN roll, Inc.,™is an organization where everyone brings his or her piece into the mix and we create a mosaic of kindness. It is a 100% volunteer, non-profit 501C-3, hunger relief organization and think tank. Donations are tax-deductible!

Hunger is a horrible reality in America today that most people prefer to ignore.  In spite of the fact that the stock market has recovered from the crash of 2008, many Americans are struggling to put food on the table.  This crisis of epic proportions goes well beyond impoverished, low-income areas.  There are people in “middle-class” neighborhoods that start their day with no breakfast or go to bed hungry.

Working adults are going without food as they try and stretch the little money that they have to feed their children, pay rent, pay bills or heat their homes.  There are children who have such food insecurity that they are not guaranteed a meal when there is no school in session.  Too many senior citizens on fixed incomes find themselves in the difficult position of having to choose between buying their medication or buying food as they struggle to make ends meet.  The poor, the unemployed and the ever-increasing group of people who fall into the working poor category are hungry far too often.

Disgraced by the crippling reality of hunger in our country, Aimée Holtzman took action and founded rock CAN roll, Inc.,® – a  volunteer driven, non-profit, 501C-3 organization that provides hunger relief for people (and their pets) in need of assistance, and acts as a think tank to create solutions to a problem that affects millions of Americans and their pets, today.

According to Holtzman, “the unique qualities that each volunteer brings to the table helps to create a mosaic of kindness.”

rock CAN roll, Inc.,® was originally born out of a love of rock and roll music and an overwhelming showing of kindness by people who wanted to help the Hondurans who were devastated by the effects of Hurricane Mitch in October of 1998.  After reading a Newsday article talking about the horrific conditions in Honduras after the storm, and the supplies that were needed, Holtzman wanted to help, but there were significant hurdles to overcome.

The article quoted an acquaintance of Holtzman who said – “If you send money, it will disappear.  If you send goods, they will never get to the people that truly need them.  The only way to ensure that people in need get help, is to physically go out on the street and hand it out yourself.”

Holtzman’s initial plan was to help by collecting a few boxes of items from people in her neighborhood, and then ship the boxes to a friend in Honduras who could distribute them to the people who lost everything.  But something totally unexpected happened…

“A simple act of kindness turned into a huge outpouring of love that grew beyond my wildest dreams!” exclaimed Holtzman.  “The few boxes I envisioned being sent, turned into a 40-foot container packed with donated food, water, clothes, toys, bedding, medical supplies and more, for victims of Hurricane Mitch! A second container provided relief to an orphanage in Honduras.  A third shipment, filled with donated fire gear, went to the “bombaros” – the firemen in San Pedro Sula (the second largest city in Honduras)

The firemen of Long Island generously donated gear that was no longer up to U.S. fire code, but was in fine working order. The Rotary Club of Long Island shipped the goods down, via Taca airlines.

“It was a symphony of magic. I was in awe of what could be accomplished with a little organization, a lot of compassion and a few dedicated volunteers” said Holtzman.  “I met so many angels along the way, and saw such goodness and joy from the people who were giving. Everyone – from the young children in grade school packing up boxes and writing cards of good wishes, to the seniors that were dropping off supplies at the container – felt so empowered. Many people gave a little and when we saw that 40-foot container overflowing with donations, we knew something quite incredible had happened. It was like a jigsaw puzzle – each little piece connected to another to create a beautiful mosaic of good.”

Holtzman created rock CAN roll, Inc.,® so that these acts of kindness could continue at home at events such as:  rock concerts, school performances, clubs, corporate meetings/outings, races, parties and more.

The concept of the organization is simple, but the rewards are immense.

With help from some of today’s biggest rock stars and venues, patrons attending rock CAN roll concerts or events are asked to bring a nutritious food donation for people or pets, or any other item off their list of most needed foods, to the cause.  All rock CAN roll event partners benefit from the goodwill that is created by allowing many people to help fight hunger in a small, effortless way.

At the completion of each event, rock CAN roll volunteers collect the donated items and deliver them to a local emergency hunger relief organization.  Each rock CAN roll event helps to replenish agencies on a continuous basis with no fees, costs or expenses.

As of March of 2013, nearly 30 million people are either unemployed or under-employed, and close to 50 million people rely upon food stamps to put food on the table.  This economic crisis has caused many Americans to go hungry.

rock CAN roll, Inc.,® is doing everything in its power to address hunger in America – one CAN at a time.

To hear, Aimee the founder of rock CAN roll.org speak more about the organization, click here.

For more information, contact: aimee@rockCANroll.org

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