Our Mission

rock CAN roll, Inc.,®  is a volunteer, 501c3, non-profit, hunger  relief organization and think tank whose mission is to stock the shelves of emergency food agencies with healthy nonperishable food & provisions.

We collaborate with rock concerts, schools, corporations, and private individuals to collect nutritious nonperishable food (for people and their pets) and basic necessities for distribution to emergency food agencies (local to each event) and into the hands of children, men and women who live with hunger and poverty.

Planning an event? Why not make it a “rock CAN roll” event!

rock CAN roll, Inc® grew out of a love of rock ‘n roll music and a concern for people who live with hunger and in poverty. Our niche to beat hunger and ease the burden of poverty is unique.

Founder and President, Aimée Holtzman, says her vision for the organization is that rock CAN roll® CAN become like recycling. Just as people know to put their recyclables out each week, when they see the rock CAN roll® logo on concert tickets and promotional materials, “FANS will know to bring CANS or a healthy non-perishable food donation (for people or pets) or anything off our list of most needed foods, to that event. It takes time to start a movement, but Aimée believes with help from those who ‘get it’, rCr is a fast, quick and easy way to restock  emergency food agencies throughout the country and throughout the world with nutritious food & basic necessities.

To learn more about rock CAN roll® and how YOU CAN help, contact Aimée Holtzman at aimee@rockCANroll.org


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