Volunteer – How CAN You Help?

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with rockCANroll! Hunger and poverty are tough issues that some people just prefer to ignore. Our niche to beat hunger and ease the burden of poverty is unique. We team up with concerts, corporate events, schools, celebrations, etc…and coordinate projects where attendees are asked to bring a CAN of (healthy and nutritious) food ( or a non-perishable food item) to donate at the designated event. One CAN doesn’t make a big difference by itself, however, if 50 or 100 or 1000 each bring one item – we have a substantial amount of food that CAN help restock the shelves of a local food pantry or shelter! It is fast, quick and easy – a mosaic of kindness and decency – and everyone loves to rock ‘n roll!

I believe people are innately good and want to help…but are caught up in their own chaotic lives, overwhelmed, and just don’t know where or how to do something. rockCANroll collaborates with scheduled events and creates opportunities for people to do something. Our projects are fast, quick and easy! rCr is not just about the CAN (noun) rCr is about together we CAN do something (verb- action and doing and endless possibilities)!!!!

We match those who have, with those who need with those who CAN.

With your help and support, we CAN continue to raise awareness about hunger and poverty, and collect much needed food that goes into the hands of children, seniors and families who know hunger and live in poverty.

If you have a few hour a week, a few hours a month, or more to give, you CAN make a difference.

Various ways to help include:

  • Contacting appropriate groups to tie into events
  • Computer, accounting and legal services
  • Public relations
  • Fund raising and grant writing
  • Volunteer your time; work at an event
  • Help out as a local volunteer coordinator
  • Donate money

Click here for the rockCANroll Volunteer Application. If you cannot download this file, please email me your mailing address and I will send you a hard copy. Please complete and sign the application and return it to:

rockCANroll, Inc.
P.O. Box 700, Jericho, NY
Fax: 302-261-1140
Email: info@rockCANroll.org.

On behalf of those that will benefit from your time and efforts, I thank you! You rock!

Aimée Z. Holtzman, President and Founder
rockCANroll, Inc., we CAN beat hunger!
Phone: 516-822-3457
If music is the food of love, let it be the food of life!

If you thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear them! Please feel free to send an email to: aimee@rockCANroll.org


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